Thoughtful Planning

Grapevine is planned around the core values that the Tejon Ranch Company has embraced for decades.

Grapevine’s plan is on 8,010-acres of the 270,000-acre Tejon Ranch. 4,200-acres within the plan will be developed and zoned for residential, commercial and civic uses including public services, education, and medical opportunities. 3,800-acres within the plan will be open space, with agriculture, recreation, and grazing as the primary uses, and will connect to 240,000-acres of open space and recreation on Tejon Ranch.

At the western-most center of Tejon Ranch and the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley, Grapevine is uniquely positioned for those who work at Tejon Ranch Commerce Center, those who want access to Tejon Ranch, and those who want to live an easy drive from other employment centers in Kern and Los Angeles counties.

Grapevine will be a community enriched by fresh, healthy food – grounded in a local history of agriculture.

Rotating Farmers Markets
Market Gardens
Community Gardens
School Farm/Labs
Edible Landscapes
Residential Gardens

Placing homes close to jobs will substantially reduce commuter vehicle emissions.

Our vision is a community of close-knit neighborhoods with 70 miles of trails connected to a quarter million acres of protected open space and thousands of jobs at the Tejon Ranch Commerce Center.

Grapevine is committed to quality education, starting with new elementary schools and carrying on through innovative approaches to learning. Grapevine will embrace traditional places of learning like great schools, as well as unlikely places: the land, nature and each other, with inspiring and educational community programs.


Five K-8 schools and a High School

Improving Central Valley
Air & Water Quality

Tejon Ranch has always planned long-term for sufficient water for its operations; water from Tejon Ranch’s proven supplies will be used at Grapevine to grow the economy of Kern County.

Grapevine will embrace water conservation and state-of-the-art efficiency measures.

For every unit of pollution, we find a means to remove an equal or greater amount of pollution from our airshed by replacing old diesel engines in the Central Valley with up-to-date, compliant equipment.

Grapevine will provide 5.1 million square feet of new commercial opportunities and create more than 10,000 construction and permanent jobs