Balancing Jobs with Homes

20,000 jobs are planned for Grapevine and the Tejon Ranch Commerce Center. Sustainable planning means balancing these jobs with enough homes to keep commuter miles to a minimum.

10,000 Construction & Permanent Jobs

Grapevine includes 5.1 million square feet of commercial uses that will create new opportunities for Kern County to attract and grow business and jobs. This will provide a platform for prosperity and economic growth, as well as training and learning opportunities to prepare residents for jobs in our community and the region.





Oil & Gas

Mining & Power Generation

Employment at Grapevine

Grapevine achieves sustainable planning with six mixed-use villages that create a close-knit community where people can live close to work, daily essentials, and recreation and entertainment options.

Grapevine will include a full array of services to serve the community, including fire and sheriff stations. And will provide more than $20 million in projected annual tax revenue, resulting in a general fund surplus.”