90% Ranch Conservation

Grapevine is part of an agreement for the permanent conservation and stewardship of 90 percent of Tejon Ranch.

Tejon Ranch Conservation Agreement

90% Open Space

In 2008, Tejon Ranch and the nation’s largest and most respected environmental resource organizations reached a landmark agreement that cleared the way for developing only a fraction of Tejon Ranch; creating perpetual open space for generations to come.

A balance of jobs & homes connected to a quarter million acres of protected open space

Tejon Ranch Company is committed to responsibly using its land and resources to meet the housing, employment and lifestyle needs of current and future generations of Californians, while being guided by the Ranch’s historic core values of conservation and good stewardship.

With over 70 miles of community trails Grapevine residents and guests will have unparalleled access to the permanently conserved Tejon Ranch open space.

Tejon Ranch Vision